Thursday, May 24, 2007

You can't fence time

Last night my seven year old and I (I'm 44) decided we had to have a foot race to determine who's the fastest in the family. He'd been saying for a while how he knows he's faster than me (he IS the fastest kid in his class at school) and it was time to put my boy in his place and show him that Dad is still "the man". The race was to be around the house, my eight year old daughter was the official starter and we stepped to the "starting line". I let him have the "inside lane" cause this was going to be a piece of cake, right? Well, my daughter said the old "on your marks..." and we were off! He got a bit of a jump on me off the line but I was fast on his heels. Around the first corner, the second corner and I decided to make my move at the third corner of the house and just as I envisioned pulling away for an easy victory - BAM! Down I went as my foot hit a rock and I slipped only to watch HIM cruise to an easy victory. Now I'm limping around work with a bruised heal, but that's nothing compared to the bruise ego I have. He said the race didn't count and we've got a rematch as soon as I can walk normally again.

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