Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Real Person in Real Time, Really!

Don't you love it when you make a call to a company regarding a billing issue, a product or service question or even to see what their business hours are and you're connected to the frustrating labyrinth known as "interactive voice response system" or more simply the "phone tree"? You've experienced it before - you're merrily navigating your way through the electronic maze and inevitably reach the point where you hear "all of our operators are busy, your call is important to us, please hold and your call will be handled by the next available operator." You don't dare hang up because you know 150 new calls will further distance you from the "next available operator when you call back - but you know if you hang on you could probably read War and Peace before you get the priveledge of speaking to "the next available operator". At International Office Technologies (IOT) our customers ALWAYS are greeted by a real person. We believe in the old fashioned notion that folks like to speak with a living, breathing person rather than a machine. That's the way it is - that's the way it'll always be.

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