Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Visualization: The Key to Success

The most successful athletes practice it all the time. It's as much a part of their regular routine as lifting a weight or adhering to a strict diet. Many believe it's the difference between mediocrity and greatness.
According to Sports Illustrated, Tiger Woods was only six when he asked his parents for a subliminal tape. At this extremely tender age, Tiger knew his mind must be trained if he was to become the greatest golfer who ever lived. He fed his mind a steady diet of positive affirmations as well. He pasted affirmations that came with the subliminal tape on the bookshelf in his room. Such messages as "I focus and give it my all," " My will moves mountains," "I believe in me," "I smile at obstacles!" and "My strength is great" became deeply embedded in his psyche.
By the time he was in second grade, Tiger Woods was nationally known. And today he is the undisputed king of the links. He says he always pictures the ball going into the hole to the exclusion of all else when he steps up to address the ball for a putt. No other mental picture gets in the way. He only visualizes success. And what does he get? More of what he visualizes!
The best and most successful sales people also utilize visualization as an invaluable tool to attain their goals. Learn to visualize and watch your sales increase! Check out this site to learn more.

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